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2013-07-06 TVB 2013 勁歌金曲 優秀選第一回(轉微博)
2013-07-06 2013勁歌金曲優秀選第一回 開場+得獎
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2013-07-06 明報周刊 第2330期 鍾嘉欣體力透支
Tiger Cubs 2 Filming
2013-07-02 Linda鍾嘉欣 演唱会彩排 (轉微博)
2013-07-02 Linda鍾嘉欣 演唱会彩排 (轉微博)


Title: 2013-07-08 TVB周刊 vol.837 與星童行﹕鍾嘉欣新一代慳妹誕生
written on Monday, 8 July 2013 @ Monday, July 08, 2013 ✈{ 0 comments }

2013-07-08 TVB周刊 vol.837 與星童行﹕鍾嘉欣新一代慳妹誕生

I've got to say that I'm really really excited for the release of Linda's maiden photobook in Hong Kong's book fair from the 17th to 23rd of July. I've written a post about her photobook previously, so upon my scanning through Linda Garden, I found these really nice photos that KaKa uploaded onto the forum. This issue is one I'd love to get my hands on (if I can possibly find it, which is hard to as there are limited number of copies of TVB Weekly shipped to Singapore from Hong Kong). Sometimes I wish that my uncle still lived in Hong Kong, so that he can collect all those the TVB Weekly magazines for me until year end when he comes to visit. Oh well, he's moved to Australia now so my hopes are crashed haha. Anyhow, Amazing Summer looks like it's going to be so much fun to watch! 

Credits to KaKa from Linda Garden

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