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Title: Rude much?
written on Tuesday, 9 July 2013 @ Tuesday, July 09, 2013 ✈{ 0 comments }

Rude much?

Okay, so first take a look at this screenshot. I'm extremely annoyed by these utterly rude comments, especially the person that commented "垃圾". I'm not intending to target anyone here, so I'd blemished their names. This is also to protect myself from possible lawsuits. :P Anwhow, the reason why I am so offended by these comments, is because Linda is starring in Amazing Summer, along with Him Law (HimHim, as I like to call him) and others such as one of TVB's rising stars, Eliza Sam. I haven't watched the episodes yet, but I'm a supporter of every TVB show/drama, I just have my favourites. In the first place, that person who called the show "垃圾"which means "trash", is totally disrespectful of the hard work put into filming the show. He/she isn't a producer/director/actor/actress/reputable critic, so what right does he/she have to even say that about TVB's show? I applaud that "anonymous" person who called him/her a vulgarity as seen in the attached screenshot below. As the saying goes, if you call someone fat, you'll become fat yourself. Hence, if you call someone or something trash, you are trash yourself. 

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