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Title: TVB's Amazing Summer [Linda Chung + Him Law]
written on Thursday, 11 July 2013 @ Thursday, July 11, 2013 ✈{ 0 comments }

Hello guys! First and foremost, I'd like to give you all the link to TVB's Amazing Summer Episode 8! 


Finally, Linda and HimHim's challenge!! I've been anticipating to watch their episode ever since the photos of the two at Hong Kong Disneyland were released on the web. In my honest opinion (imho), I think that they really had lots of fun filming at Disneyland. I mean, who wouldn't? Unless you are some extremely pessimistic person who hisses at the slightest sign of anyone having fun, or you just simply hate the idea of going Disneyland. That's not the point anyway, so moving on! 

I've only been able to catch the first 5 minutes of the show and I have to say, I have quite a good impression of it! It looks like its going to be a real fun and exciting episode, especially since Linda is my all-time favourite TVB artiste, and HimHim is one of my favourite newcomers. In case you didn't read one of my previous posts, I like to call Him Law a.k.a Law Chung Him by "HimHim". I think it's really adorable.

 Anyhow, I have to sadly say that I haven't watched quite a number of TVB's variety shows. To be extremely honest, I've actually only watched one full episode of 玩嘢王 (Office of Practical Jokes), in which Linda outsmarted Louis (the guy that was supposed to prank her instead). I'm not entirely sure if I got his name right, as it's been quite some time since I've watched that particular episode. I've got A Change of Heart, Awfully Lawful, Super Trio Maximus (I'm bent on watching the episode Niki's starring in) and a whole lot more of TVB dramas and shows to catch up on. Unfortunately, I would probably only have the time to during the Nov-Dec holidays. What a sad life. 

To end this post off a good note, I've successfully ordered my copy of Linda's photobook and it's going to arrive probably by early September. I really CANNOT wait!


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